Sometimes in relationships we go through events that make us feel that there is no way we will be able to love again. This poem was written after my 7 year relationship and 1 year engagement, ended with my son’s father. I took some time for self care and to take steps to getting to know who “Jamie” was, and through that, this poem came to life!


The Courage to Love

© Jamie Newton

When new turns into old
And day turns into night.
When warm hearts become cold
And yes changes to MIGHT.
You try to hold onto
The Courage to Love.

When blue skies become gray
And storm clouds cover the sky.
When there’s only one word to say
And that word is Goodbye!
You lose
The Courage to Love.

Then love turns into hate
And pain turn into cries.
Then time won’t let you wait
And you’re tired of the lies.

Then brighter comes the day
He finds the best words to say.
Things begin to go your way
And you gain…..

The Courage to Love …again!

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