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I am Jamie Newton-Knight & I am the Blended Black Family Strategist.

In addition to having a full time job, I am a wife, mother of 4, Coach and Speaker!

My goal is to equip blended families with the tools they need to tackle some of Blended Families top issues & to help families journey through this blended experience as Drama-Less & Stress-Free as possible.

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*Everyday is a new learning experience. Embrace it as it comes!*

I am the happily married wife of Orlando and the mother of 4 beautiful children ages 23, 17, 5, and 2.

We are the product of a Blended Family in multiple ways but let’s keep it simple for now! When I met my husband in 2008, I already had my 2 older children (Daughter and son). We were then married in 2010 and I had our son in 2011 and recently our daughter in 2014.

We are a happy blended family and have learned, through experience, how to navigate this blended life, Drama-less and as stress-free as possible.

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